Get the best results for your music by recording in a fully-equipped, professional studio. I am based at Kysten Studio in Tromsø, Norway. Kysten Studio is equipped with top-quality industry standard recording equipment and hardware, and has three isolated recording rooms. I can also record on-location. Contact me for pricing, or just to chat about your project.

Every recording needs to be mixed well to reach its full potential. I have experience mixing everything from professional studio recordings to home-recorded bedroom projects and live performances. Contact me for pricing. Free test mix available for your album or EP!

Mastering is the finishing touch to your music before it's ready to release. Whether you have mixed a song yourself or have a professional mix already, I can finish off your project with quality mastering. Contact me for pricing. Free test master available for your album or EP! 

I can mix sound for your live performance or event, and can organise equipment hire for smaller setups. I can also record your live-in-concert audio, and mix it afterwards to be released as professional recorded-live content. Contact me for pricing and details. 

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