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kysten studio

Kysten Studio is a high end recording studio located in picturesque Tromsø, Norway. With a large live room and cutting edge equipment, Kysten is ideal for everything from orchestral, choral or big band recordings to more traditional band setups.
With it's competitive session rates, Kysten attracts both local and international musicians. The stunning arctic scenery make it an ideal music retreat location for out-of-town musicians.
For a full list of technical sepcifications go to the Kysten Studio homepage


Get inspired by the rugged coastlines, soaring mountains and pulsing aurora of northern Noway.
Located more than 200 km above the arctic circle, Tromsø experiences 24-hour sunlight during the summer months, and a dark cozy winter full with powdery snow and northern lights.
Tromsø itself is a small vibrant city located on an island, with an international airport (2 hours flight from Oslo and many other European cities) and a variety of accommodation options to suit all budgets.


Parkgata 27

Tromsø 9008


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